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Facebook and Google Tighten Grip Over US Digital Ad Market

In response to a recent post by Stephanie  concerning findings on mobile carriers stifling certain apps and content, I am posting an article I recently read concerning Facebook and Google’s dominance on Ads. More often than not one will be searching something on googling and on Facebook an advertisement referring to the searched item will […]

Regulation of Social Media Companies

Tomorrow I will talk in my class presentation about whether and how social media should be regulated. Some of the most important concerns in this area revolve around the issues of free speech, democracy and censorship. A number of European countries have debated and enacted certain provisions which go some way to ‘regulating’ or ‘censoring’ […]

Are mobile carriers violating net neutrality?

Stumbled across this article regarding a new app that analyzes data on how mobile carriers stifle certain apps/content/etc. An interesting read and video!