News of the Week; June 3, 2020

GAMES Keepin’ It Real: Courts Recognize the Legitimate Goal of Video Game Makers Something on Which Even Patent Litigators Can Agree: McRO v. Bandai, Inc. Clarifies the Framework for Enablement Challenges and for Enablement Defenses EB Games Australia admits to misleading customers over Fallout 76 refunds EB Games offers refunds for Fallout 76: Retailer admits to Australian […]

Class 1 2020 Slides & Video – “Communications Law: Introducing the Course”
Class 1 Slides & Video

Class 1 Slides & Video

Here are this weeks video & slides… The video unfortunately starts a minute or so after convening the class, and does not have the slides separately broken out as is usually the case with Allard lecture capture. There is a bit of a story and adventure worth recounting that explains all of the above… The […]

News of the Week; January 2, 2019

MEDIA, COMMUNICATIONS & NET NEUTRALITY  CRTC Issues Guidance for Avoiding Indirect Liability for CASL Violations Minnesota AG Just The Latest To Ding Comcast For Shady Fees  Ajit Pai thanks Congress for helping him kill net neutrality rules  The FCC Is Closing, So Hold Your Cell Phone Service Gripes CBS Eyes Ditching Nielsen As Streaming, Cord […]

News of the Week; December 26, 2018

MEDIA, COMMUNICATIONS & NET NEUTRALITY The Consequence of Uncompetitiveness: Canadians Ration Wireless Data As Monthly Usage Ranks Among the Lowest in the OECD (Michael Geist) Study Says Wireless Retail Workers Could Make Up To 7% Less In Wake Of Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Sprint to Cough Up a Whopping $330 Million Following Investigation Over NY Taxes  […]

News of the Week; December 19, 2018

MEDIA, COMMUNICATIONS & NET NEUTRALITY  Telecom Train Wreck: Why It Is Time for the Government to Address the Mess That Is The CRTC (Michael Geist) Stepping In It: Why Navdeep Bains’ Failing Wireless Strategy is Not a Step in the Right Direction (Michael Geist) Big Telecom Claims Oversight & Accountability Violates Its First Amendment Rights  […]

News of the Week; December 12, 2018

MEDIA, COMMUNICATIONS & NET NEUTRALITY Time Warner Center, including CNN, evacuated due to bomb threat AT&T and Justice Department continue battle over $85.4 billion Time Warner acquisition – “Bottom line: We see AT&T prevailing,” one analyst declared, citing some pointed questions directed at the DOJ by a D.C. Circuit judge. AT&T Finds Yet Another Way […]

News of the Week; December 5, 2018

MEDIA, COMMUNICATIONS & NET NEUTRALITY  Boycott: What If The CRTC Launched a Consumer Internet Code and Consumer Groups Refused to Participate in its Development? (Michael Geist) FCC Commissioner Accuses Her Own Agency Of A Net Neutrality Cover Up “What is the FCC hiding?” Pai still won’t release net neutrality server logs Wireless Carriers Won’t Comment […]

News of the Week; November 28, 2018

MEDIA, COMMUNICATIONS & NET NEUTRALITY Trump proposes a government-run TV news network to counter CNN Comcast raises cable TV bills again—even if you’re under contract From $1.50 To $10 Per Month: How Comcast’s Bogus Fees Are False Advertising Mobile Internet Beats Wifi Speeds In These 33 Countries The FCC Steps Up Efforts to Restrict “Robocalls” […]

News of the Week; November 21, 2018

MEDIA, COMMUNICATIONS & NET NEUTRALITY Court Again Rules That Cable Giants Can’t Weaponize The First Amendment Charter, Comcast don’t have 1st Amendment right to discriminate, court rules Comcast To Battle Cord Cutting By… Reinventing The Closed Cable Box Ajit Pai isn’t saying whether ISPs deliver the broadband speeds you pay for Ajit Pai wants to […]