Today Presentation: 3-years-old Syrian Cartoon

I’m keep thinking about the cartoon of the 3-years-old Syrian who died. And how my reaction was different. I automatically saw a parody of the racist attitude during the immigrant crisis in Europe that was occurring at that time. A political claim directed to the Europe to do better.  Which I would not have seen […]

Role of Search Engines in a Democratic Discourse

Last course, we touched on what should be the role of search engines (private entities) in showing links on the results pages. Not only the search engines designed algorithms to provide the more relevant information based on their own “editing choice”, but they tend to personalize the results based on the user’s profile. I wonder […]

Digital Distraction

Hi, I wanted to share with you a new that I read this weekend from The Globe And Mail:  It is about how smartphones have changed the way our brain works, how it has been influencing our way to communicate and to access media. Family interaction is affected starting from breastfeeding. Apps would have been […]