Internet and Elections News Continue – with a Newspaper Appearance!

Hi everyone, INTERNET AND ELECTION NEWS CONTINUE  Although, we all addressed Canada’s lack of involvement in invasive data use especially in light of what happened with Cambridge Analytics and their use of Facebook data in order to help the Republicans win the US presidential election, it turns out some Canadians are not totally incapable of […]

Crypto Currency Crime

I recently found two articles highlighting how virtual cash or crypto currency can be a tool to gain illegal economic advantages. The first example is with cyber thieves using virtual cash for money laundering. In fact  Dr McGuire drawing from an early 2018 study stated that “between $80bn (£57bn) and $200bn of cash generated by […]

‘Black Tech’ facial recognition glasses

Hi everyone, I came across more AI news ! A local checkpoint in Beijing has just started using new technology , smart glasses that can pick up facial features and car registration plates, and match them in real-time with a database of suspects. The glasses are AI powered and if the glasses pick up anyone on […]

And the Award Goes to ..

Hi everyone, With the Oscars this past Sunday I thought it would be interesting to see what the TV ratings were for such a major awards show. It turns out that no matter how big the event – streaming seems to be taking over the TV industry and its nothing different from what we have […]

Social Media to Combat Gun Violence?

Hi everyone, With the latest Florida mass shooting I, like most of you, have witnessed the outcry and response to this act of gun violence on social media. My post today is based on the following article: The article states that the Florida students have turned social media into a weapon for good. They are […]

Could AI Be the Future of Fake News and Product Reviews?

The following article aligns with our discussion of using AI technology to create deep fakes. However, this article identifies an experiment conducted by  a group of University of Chicago researchers. The experiment involves using computer algorithms to create fake Yelp restaurant evaluations. The researchers used a machine-learning technique known as deep learning to analyze letter and […]

Facebook and Google Tighten Grip Over US Digital Ad Market

In response to a recent post by Stephanie  concerning findings on mobile carriers stifling certain apps and content, I am posting an article I recently read concerning Facebook and Google’s dominance on Ads. More often than not one will be searching something on googling and on Facebook an advertisement referring to the searched item will […]

Super Bowl Ads – The Controversies Continue

Beyond the issue of Superbowl ad substitutions impacting Canadian society – there is still a constant controversy when it comes to the Superbowl: sexist Superbowl ads. The above article highlights this issue as it takes into consideration how the Superbowl, being one of the highest watched sports games of the year plays a huge […]

Are you being tracked?

It has recently been reported this week that a Fitness Tracking app, Strava, is able to display locations of American military bases from Syria to Afghanistan due to the use of Fitbits by American soldiers when exercising. The bases are even more prominent on the tracking app because they are in deserted areas where no […]

The Impact of Netflix Increasing its Prices

  ARTICLE : Netflix is going to report its fourth quarter earnings next week and the question addressed in this article is : How has their increase in pricing affected its earnings? This article states that Netflix is expected to have : “more than 173% improvement compared with the same quarter a year ago, […]