Trudeau threatens Facebook with regulations over fake news problem

This article was interesting in light of what we’ve been discussing in class:

The article is just quoting “a source with knowledge” of some conversation between Trudeau and Sheryl Sandberg, and then goes on to say that neither Facebook or the PM’s office would comment on this, but putting aside the irony of an article about fake news that is essentially based on one anonymous source, it seems that the highest levels of Canadian government are at least considering some kind of social media regulation.

I also thought it was interesting that the title of the article references “stricter regulation” even though there doesn’t seem to be any sort of Canadian government regulation of Facebook at this point, particularly in regards to the kind of news content it allows on the site, and the article doesn’t go on to explain what, if anything, it is referencing with that wording in the title. It may have just been an oversight/error, or maybe they were thinking of regulations in a much broader sense, beyond the scope of communications law and site content, but it could also be that people just sometimes assume that there is some kind of regulation in place already in these situations, because it seems to strange to think that there wouldn’t be anything stopping these social media giants from profiting by basically turning a blind eye to propaganda.



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