Flipboard: The greatest App on my iPhone

I was filling out Christine’s survey re: Misinformation and thought I should share this with you all before I forget.

During the Trump debacle, I was frustrated with how to go about sourcing news articles. I found it easy enough to google CNN/ABC/etc but I still wanted to see what other, less familiar, articles were out there (yeah, and out of curiosity – the controversial ones too). There was all this talk about misinformation and I wanted access to ALL information, instead of having to flit around and piece together what I thought was going on down there. Note: I don’t have Twitter. It bugs me.

Long story short, I found this app: Flipboard. Here is the Google link, if you are interested:


This app lets you choose what you’re interested in. Whether that’s American Politics, stocks, tech, the SCC, … anything, you can piece together what it is you want to see. What I really like is that you can pull news articles from all around the globe. It’s a neat way to follow politics globally instead of relying on your home country to tell you what’s worth noting abroad. Plus you can tune in to various news networks all covering one subject in order to help with your own fact checking. A “broaden your horizon” sort of ordeal.

I strongly encourage everyone to check it out. You may get an ad here or there (what else is new?) but I find myself flipping through this app more than I do most others and it’s been a blessing during these crazy times.


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