Article: “Sony built an AI that can beat you at video games, with honor”

Here’s the article:

The most interesting part of this article to me is the following: “experts say Sophy’s achievements stand out in its capacity to behave aggressively, yet still fairly, and to observe the gamers’ code of conduct beyond just the letter of the law—in other words, to embody the subtle nuances of human character”. In this instance, the developers decided to aim for a bot that would act in a “fair” way in accordance to how players are implicitly expected to behave online, but there is currently no legal incentive or penalty shaping that aspect of their objective. I know in the syllabus we will be touching on regulation of the internet and potentially content on the internet, and I find that this article raises interesting questions as to how interactions with AI entities online may be regulated. If you’re interested in this subject, there’s a great paper discussing potentially manipulative behaviour by online service providers through AI agents that interact with users: Bots, Babes and the Californication of Commerce

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