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Video & Slides from Runnymede Society Debate: “Is Net Neutrality a Threat to Innovation?”

Video & Slides from Runnymede Society Debate: “Is Net Neutrality a Threat to Innovation?”

To add to this week’s net neutrality “intensive”, below you will find (with permission from all) the video and slides from the debate put on by the Runnymede Society which I moderated at the Allard School of Law on March 6, 2018. Both speakers, Ian Bell and Tom Struble were terrific and well worth listening […]

Class 12 Slides

Class 12 Slides

Here they are… Jon

Questions of the Week (Class 12)

On the occasion of our final class of the semester (I will be in the U.K. speaking at a conference put on by the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London (, it seems only fair to re-ask a series of questions that we examined throughout the course. This gives everyone a […]

Internet and Elections News Continue – with a Newspaper Appearance!

Hi everyone, INTERNET AND ELECTION NEWS CONTINUE  Although, we all addressed Canada’s lack of involvement in invasive data use especially in light of what happened with Cambridge Analytics and their use of Facebook data in order to help the Republicans win the US presidential election, it turns out some Canadians are not totally incapable of […]

News of the Week; March 21, 2018

MEDIA, COMMUNICATIONS & NET NEUTRALITY Outlier: Why Bell’s Leadership on Website Blocking Places It at Odds With Telecom Companies Around the World (Michael Geist) Dialling Up the Bell Lobbying Playbook: Production Company Website Blocking Submissions Using Identical Script (Michael Geist) The Justice Department, AT&T-Time Warner trial is underway Ex-DOJ Officials Raise Trump, AT&T Merger Interference […]

“Crisis in Confidence”

“Crisis in Confidence” The story of the massive privacy breach from facebook continues to grow and implicate more Canadian politicians. This recent story has forced the current Liberal party to disclose that they contracted with the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie in 2016 at a cost of $100,000. The article does not go into detail about what […]

Class 11 Slides

Class 11 Slides

Here they are. Note that my talk was too big to post in one deck, so have split it into three self explanatory parts… Jon

Net Neutrality

Hey everyone, Next week I’ll be giving a presentation on the topic of Net Neutrality. As a general introduction, I’ll be discussing the following and more: – What is Net Neutrality? – The current position of Canada – The recent changes in the US – Arguments for and against – Possibilities for the future I’ll […]

News of the Week; March 14, 2018

MEDIA, COMMUNICATIONS & NET NEUTRALITY The Case Against the Bell Coalition’s Website Blocking Plan, The Finale (Michael Geist)  Why Canadians oppose blacklisting “pirate” websites FCC must defend net neutrality repeal in court against dozens of litigants: Lawsuits filed by tech firms, states, and advocates were merged into one suit. States Take Sides on Net Neutrality […]