Group Presentations

Presentation: The Online News Act

Please find here the link to my presentation slides for some interesting graphics! (Presentation by Estelle B.)

Are You Playing Fortnite, or is Fortnite Playing You?

Hi everyone, please find my presentation via this link, thank you!

Are you playing Fortnite? Or is Fortnite playing you?

Are you playing Fortnite, or is Fortnite playing you? This is a reasonable question worth asking in light of the recent court cases involving privacy concerns with the use of digital platforms, and not just Frotnite. Privacy is a legitimate concern when sharing data over the world wide web, and privacy policies don’t seem to […]

Issues in content moderation: algorithmic recommendation systems.

Hi all! Please check out my presentation if you are interested in content moderation issues. I hope you will enjoy it. I provided the links to interesting articles/my resources in the slides, some are in the comments section. To listen to the presentation, I believe you need to download it. Presentation: In addition, here […]

Presentation: DRM Technology and User Rights

Hello everyone. Here is my (Julian) presentation on the use of Digital Rights Management technology. The presentation can be found here: Here is a transcript of the presentation: Let me know if you have any thoughts on how laws on DRM should be used to balance the interests of content creators and consumers. […]

Big 3 in Canadian Communications Law

Hi all, Attached is Kirsten, Kyle, Whitney and Julia’s project on the Big 3 in Canadian telecommunications. The sources used in our project are below.

Presentation: Echo Chambers, Algorithms, and Social Media

Hi everyone! Happy last week of class! We (Lily + Jen) have a presentation for you on the topic of echo chambers and social media algorithms. We ask that you listen to this brief TED talk before the presentation: The presentation can be found here: The presentation itself has embedded audio recordings that […]

Readings for Mar. 29th Presentation

Hello everyone, There are two articles that you may want to read before my presentation tomorrow: and The latter author has some more interesting material available on that site if you’re interested in the subject.

The Impact of Bill C-10/C-11 on Streaming Services

Hi everyone! Myself (Emma Jerrott) and my group (Madison Dutkiewicz, Laura Danton and Amory Hall), have prepared a presentation on the impact that Bill C-11 Ould have on streamed television content. You should be able to access it here on Google Drive (you may have to download it): If you have any trouble with […]