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Final Paper – Review of the CRTC Russia Today Ban under the post-Vavilov Admin Law Framework

Hi Everyone, Please find attached my paper on whether the CRTC RT decision would survive an appeal. RT can appeal the CRTC under s.31(1) of the Broadcasting Act, or bring a Charter challenge regarding freedom of expression. Using the post-Vavilov framework, I believe the CRTC decision would likely survive all of these challenges. Let me […]

Presentation: Echo Chambers, Algorithms, and Social Media

Hi everyone! Happy last week of class! We (Lily + Jen) have a presentation for you on the topic of echo chambers and social media algorithms. We ask that you listen to this brief TED talk before the presentation: The presentation can be found here: The presentation itself has embedded audio recordings that […]

Peppa Pig, McDonald’s and Starbucks’ IP in Russia

As part of the economic pressure on Russia many private companies – such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, IKEA, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Porsche and Toyota – have left or downsized their operations in Russia. In retaliation, Russia is threatening the intellectual property rights of businesses associated with sanctioning countries, which they call “unfriendly” countries. On March […]

Governance Tokens in Web3 and the Commodification of Control

Hi all,  I came across this article from WIRED which discusses the use of governance tokens in web3 as a means of democratizing moderation and providing users more control over platforms. However, the article also highlights that since governance tokens are typically dispersed based on how much money users have invested in a platform, the […]

Link to Podcast for Today’s Group Presentation on Disinformation

If at all possible please listen in advance…Click on the image to get to the podcast. Thanks, Jon

Influencers could soon have to admit if their body’s been retouched

Hey everyone, I came across this interesting news out of the UK House of Commons that I thought is relevant to this course. In January of this year, MP Luke Evans proposed the Digitally Altered Body Image Bill, which calls on social media influencers and brands to disclose any digital alterations in photos that they […]

Update on Facebook’s Potential GDPR Compliance Issues

Hi everyone, Hope all of your exam seasons are going well so far! Found an article (link at the bottom) that details some of the recent news concerning the latest Facebook data breach from a couple weeks ago , and more specifically how it relates to the company’s GDPR (non) compliance. While the breach occurred […]

Critics take aim at big tech’s satellite constellations

Hi everyone, I came across this article about how big tech’s next communications tug-of-war is happening at an extraterrestrial level: I’m not clued into this subject enough to offer expert insights, but to me, it seems like big tech’s new race for satellite communications dominance could take our discussions about communications conglomerates’ antitrust concerns […]

Shaw opts out of participating in 5G airwave auction amid acquisition deal with Rogers

Hello class, Shaw Communications Inc. has decided not to participate in the June 15 auction of the 3,500-megahertz spectrum which are airwaves used to deliver wireless signals. This may open more opportunities for smaller telecommunication companies to compete in the 5G market. This decision may be due to the fact that Shaw has struck an […]

Denial of Parler’s requested preliminary injunction against Amazon Web Services (presentation background reading)

Amazon Web Services, the internet giant’s web hosting and cloud computing division, terminated hosting of the right-wing “Twitter alternative” shortly after the Dec 6 attacks on the US Capitol. Failure to moderate the violent content violated AWS’ terms of service. Parler filed for a preliminary injunction to reinstate services until they could proceed with a […]