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News of the Week; March 14, 2018

MEDIA, COMMUNICATIONS & NET NEUTRALITY The Case Against the Bell Coalition’s Website Blocking Plan, The Finale (Michael Geist)  Why Canadians oppose blacklisting “pirate” websites FCC must defend net neutrality repeal in court against dozens of litigants: Lawsuits filed by tech firms, states, and advocates were merged into one suit. States Take Sides on Net Neutrality […]

Crypto Currency Crime

I recently found two articles highlighting how virtual cash or crypto currency can be a tool to gain illegal economic advantages. The first example is with cyber thieves using virtual cash for money laundering. In fact  Dr McGuire drawing from an early 2018 study stated that “between $80bn (£57bn) and $200bn of cash generated by […]

CEO of Firm that modified Blackberry, Samsung phones to ‘knowingly’ help drug cartels evade police is indicted

Two recent news stories regarding cellphone technology relate to personal privacy rights. First, Phantom Secure is a company that sells modified BlackBerry and Samsung phones, has been accused of “knowingly” selling products to drug gangs in order to help them evade law enforcement. Vincent Ramos, CEO of the company along with four associates have been indicted. […]