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Class 12 Slides

Todays slides…. And in the sometimes “life imitates school” category, we have the podcast in the article below which arrived in my inbox just around halfway through class. Jon

US House Votes in Favor of Letting ISPs Sell Users’ Browsing History

Today, the US House of Representatives voted to repeal a set of rules passed by the FCC last year which required ISPs to get a user’s explicit consent before selling their personal data (including browsing history).  The legislation still needs presidential approval, although the White House has stated that it “strongly supports” the repeal. Critics […]

How Yahoo Was Hacked

Hi everyone, This article explains how Russian hackers were able to compromise Yahoo e-mails. Thought it was an interesting read.

Course Evaluations

To the extent possible, please bring your laptops to class tomorrow as course evaluations will take up the first 15 minutes of the class. If you want to do the evaluations in advance they are available at: You will be able to complete evaluations until 11:59 pm on Sunday, April 9. Thanks, Jon

News of the Week; March 22, 2017

MEDIA, COMMUNICATIONS & NET NEUTRALITY The Netflix Effect?: Foreign Sources Outspend Canadian Broadcasters and Distributors for English TV Production (Michael Geist) Court of Appeals Rules that Over-the-Top Video Service is Not a Cable System Entitled to Statutory License to Retransmit TV Station Programming Hope fades for cheap TV-over-Internet as FilmOn loses copyright fight: TV networks’ […]

Class 11 Slides

For the first time ever my slides maxed over the upload limit even when “Reduce File Size…” was applied maximally. So they had to be split into two parts. First “Logistics & News of the Week” and then the main piece. Here they are… Jon

Ontario Court of Appeal upheld Vice production order ruling

The Ontario Court of Appeal released a decision today, in which they upheld the lower Court’s ruling that forced a Vice reporter to hand over some materials to the RCMP. Interesting to see if it does end up going to the SCC.

Updated Slide Deck FOR SECURITY

Here is the updated PowerPoint from today’s presentation, with all the functioning hyperlinks. Enjoy!

Old TV networks get another win against online providers

Here’s a story about a 9th Circuit decision, from Ars. Apparently the internet doesn’t count as a “communication channel,” according to the “expert” from FOX. Those alternative facts are pretty convincing, it would seem.

Electronic device ban when travelling from certain countries

A really interesting article showing how the UK has now followed in the footsteps of the USA, banning most electronic devices from being taken into the cabin on flights from some Muslim majority countries, including Turkey and Dubai.