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The Question of Monitoring on Private Forums – what can you say?

I came across this articling briefly explaining the situation as between WallStreetBets, Reddit, and the stock market. The situation transpiring within the last few days made me alert to the issue of free speech and the right to post and self-monitor on online discussion platforms. It seems that private communication sites (i.e Reddit, Facebook, Discord) […]

Apple’s New Privacy Feature

Hello! I have been exploring articles on the subject of privacy concerns, data collection and in particular Apple’s soon-to-be-released App Tracking Transparency features. Apple’s new feature will require apps to get the explicit permission of users before tracking their data. I have attached several articles and a brochure to this post. I was shocked to […]

News of the Week; January 20, 2021

COMMUNICATIONS Federal Enforcement Agencies Remind Canadian Mobile App Companies of their CASL Obligationsl Fox News Needs To Accept Some Of The Blame For The Insurrection; But That Doesn’t Mean We Toss Out The 1st Amendment FCC fines white-supremacist robocaller $10 million for faking caller ID FCC Fines White Supremacist ~$10 Million for Spoofed RoboCalls In […]

Story about Enron emails

I just listened to an interesting episode of 99% Invisible podcast about Enron email corpus (You’ve  got Enron mail). Apparently sometime around 2000 a mass group of Enron emails were released to the public (which included some private emails of employees). This corpus of some 600, 000 emails was then used by researchers to study […]

Google responds to Australia proceeds with a new code requiring payment to use media content

Hello Class, I hope everyone had a restful weekend! As I was browsing the news tab of Google (ironically) I came across an article that may be of interest. Australia is planning on introducing a new law which would force Google and Facebook inc to pay media companies for the right to use its content. […]

YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram remove Russian posts promoting pro-Navalny protests

Hi all, I found this to be an interesting video/article regarding censorship by YouTube and social media platforms of content posted in support of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Not a particularly novel story (of content-hosting platforms caving to political pressure) but I would be interested to hear what justifications are provided by […]

BC Government’s cybersecurity practices found lacking by Auditor General

Hello Class, I found this article in this morning’s Vancouver Sun. I personally find cybersecurity a prevailing issue that seems underemphasized in the public sphere unless a significant data breach has occurred. One that stands out is the privacy breach of personal health records of millions of Canadians that Lifelabs failed to protect in 2019. […]

News of the Week; January 13, 2021

COMMUNICATIONS Ajit Pai offers mild criticism of Trump incitement, drops Section 230 plan In His Last Two Weeks, Ajit Pai Finally Finds A Backbone And Refuses To Move Forward With Trump’s Ridiculous 230 Attack Reminder – 2021 Will Include Some Off-Year Elections for State and Local Office – and FCC Political Broadcasting Rules Do Apply […]