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Shaw opts out of participating in 5G airwave auction amid acquisition deal with Rogers

Hello class, Shaw Communications Inc. has decided not to participate in the June 15 auction of the 3,500-megahertz spectrum which are airwaves used to deliver wireless signals. This may open more opportunities for smaller telecommunication companies to compete in the 5G market. This decision may be due to the fact that Shaw has struck an […]

Jackson County judge likens encrypted chats to private thought

A US federal judge recently cleared three men of terrorism charges in part because they planned their acts over encrypted chat. The judge said in his decision that “in many respects [these chats are] no different than thinking the thought to yourself.” This dubious judicial understand of technology is unlikely to stand for long, but […]

Facebook Data Breach Left Unreported in Canada Recently, a cybersecurity leak occurred within media giant Facebook that led to a privacy breach of more than 533 million Facebook accounts worldwide. Alon Gal, the chief technology officer of Facebook’s cybersecurity company said the leaked database includes information about users’ phone numbers, past and current locations, birthdates, relationship statuses, bios and, in some […]