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STIR/SHAKEN Tech: Combating Robocalls/Caller ID spoofing in Canada

Hi everyone, I have received 8 spam calls over the last 2 weeks so I thought I’d look up what the CRTC has been doing regarding these pesky calls. Apparently, late last year the CRTC required Canadian telecommunications providers to implement new STIR(Secure Telephony Information Revisited)/SHAKEN (signature-based handling of asserted information using tokens) technology (must’ve […]

Section 230 Communications Decency Act Development

An interesting development for platform immunity in the US: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is the US law that protects websites from lawsuits based on content posted by third parties. It is what shields platforms like Facebook from being treated as publishers. When researching Section 230 for my paper, I have noticed there […]