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Twitter and Its State-Affiliated Media Label

Happy end of exams everyone! My paper examined the possibility of introducing regulation to protect free speech on Twitter. One issue I came across in my research which I thought was quite interesting was Twitter’s policy of labelling certain accounts as “state-affiliated media.” I wanted to share a brief opinion piece on the subject: […]

Issues in content moderation: algorithmic recommendation systems.

Hi all! Please check out my presentation if you are interested in content moderation issues. I hope you will enjoy it. I provided the links to interesting articles/my resources in the slides, some are in the comments section. To listen to the presentation, I believe you need to download it. Presentation: In addition, here […]

Presentation: DRM Technology and User Rights

Hello everyone. Here is my (Julian) presentation on the use of Digital Rights Management technology. The presentation can be found here: Here is a transcript of the presentation: Let me know if you have any thoughts on how laws on DRM should be used to balance the interests of content creators and consumers. […]