Final Paper – Review of the CRTC Russia Today Ban under the post-Vavilov Admin Law Framework

Hi Everyone, Please find attached my paper on whether the CRTC RT decision would survive an appeal. RT can appeal the CRTC under s.31(1) of the Broadcasting Act, or bring a Charter challenge regarding freedom of expression. Using the post-Vavilov framework, I believe the CRTC decision would likely survive all of these challenges. Let me […]

Presentation Slides and Recommended Material: Responsible Corporate Communication

Hi Everyone, Please find attached my draft slides for my presentation: Corporate Communication I would recommend classmates interested in the subject to watch the following: Exxon Lobbyist Caught on Camera: Coca-Cola Coming Together Advertisement: Original release: New version available on Coca-Cola official YouTube Channel: Use of science and data in policy making: From 1:00:00 […]