Group Presentations

Social Media: A boon or a Bane for democracy

Hi guys, Skye, Kirsty and I (Molly) are looking forward to presenting in class tomorrow. Democratization is defined as a transformation of political institutions that leads to the establishment and expansion of democratic institutions in a political system, and there is certainly no doubt that social media, albeit a recent phenomenon has a profound effect […]

PIPEDA Reform in the Age of AI

Hi! Here’s my presentation on PIPEDA Reform in the Age of AI for next week. For some background, here’s a brief summary of PIPEDA: PIPEDA in brief If you are interested in the subject of data privacy and AI, feel free to check out the proposed reforms here: A Regulatory Framework for AI: […]

Link to Podcast for Today’s Group Presentation on Disinformation

If at all possible please listen in advance…Click on the image to get to the podcast. Thanks, Jon

Presentation: Social Media Echo-Chambers

Sup fam! My presentation is on, you guessed it, social media platforms and the echo-chamber effect that they have. The thought for this presentation originated from a webcomic that I’m posting as a precursor. I saw it at some point during law school and it has been on my mind a lot, especially since January. […]

Presentation: Spawnsored: Protecting Child Influencers in the YouTube Age

Hi everyone, Here’s my presentation on the issues and laws surrounding child influencers on YouTube. Please note that the font displays differently in the preview than it does in the download. I recommend downloading the actual file for the best viewing experience. Please enjoy and best of luck as we head toward exam season! Jay […]

(Presentation) Privacy by Design: A new wave of communications

Hi friends, I’ve posted my presentation here: Enjoy!

Presentation – Data Privacy Regulation & Effects on Tech Sector Monopolization

Hi everyone, Hope you’re all doing well as we head into exam season. If you have time check out my presentation on data privacy regulation and its effects on competition in the tech sector. Hope you enjoy it, let me know if you have any questions or want to talk about anything covered in the […]

Presentation: The Tracking And Usage Of User Data

Hi everyone, Please take a look at my presentation on user data tracking, cookies, and the PIPEDA. Thanks! Harold

Presentation: Whose Content is it Anyway? Exploring the CRTC’s Canadian Content Regulations and Bill C 10

If you have time this is a video that I watched which informed some of my thoughts on what exactly it means for a project to be Canadian so feel free to check that out!   Link to Presentation (Download and open in Powerpoint for Audio)