Group Presentations

Special Guest on Tuesday February 5, 2019: The Honourable Marshall Rothstein C.C., Q.C

It is a thrill and an honour to welcome to our next class the Honourable Marshall Rothstein C.C., Q.C. He will speak about In Reference re Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-167 and Broadcasting Order CRTC 2010-168, 2012 SCC 68, [2012] 3 S.C.R. 489 where he wrote the judgment for the majority. In that context he will provide some […]

The Internet of Things and Privacy

Lee and I will be discussing the Internet of Things (IoT) and Privacy. We’ll be looking at the concept of privacy, the Canadian privacy regime, growth in IoT technology and concerns, and potential solutions (including a discussion of the EU’s GDPR) The following video provides a bit of background on the subject:

Net Activism

Net Activism For our upcoming presentation, Laura and I are going to address the topic of net activism in its various forms. We will define the term, explore some of the main techniques of net activism, the reactions to these techniques, and possible legal responses to the emergence of various net activism movements. Please watch […]

Could AI Be the Future of Fake News and Product Reviews?

The following article aligns with our discussion of using AI technology to create deep fakes. However, this article identifies an experiment conducted by  a group of University of Chicago researchers. The experiment involves using computer algorithms to create fake Yelp restaurant evaluations. The researchers used a machine-learning technique known as deep learning to analyze letter and […]

Regulation of Social Media Companies

Tomorrow I will talk in my class presentation about whether and how social media should be regulated. Some of the most important concerns in this area revolve around the issues of free speech, democracy and censorship. A number of European countries have debated and enacted certain provisions which go some way to ‘regulating’ or ‘censoring’ […]

Updated Slide Deck FOR SECURITY

Here is the updated PowerPoint from today’s presentation, with all the functioning hyperlinks. Enjoy!

Cyber Safety – Dave, Will & Mimi presentation

Hi all! Our presentation this week is on threats to online security that lawyers face and how to combat them. Please read the article below, as well as taking a look at the videos attached. See you Wednesday!  

Powerpoint Presentation on Journalism (Zak and Josh)

Hi everyone, Attached is mine and Josh’s presentation on Journalism from last week. Zach + Josh

Presentation Materials for March 15, 2017 (Zak and Josh)

Hi everyone, This week Josh and I will be presenting on the topic of journalism. Throughout the presentation, we will be talking about the history of journalism, how it is currently regulated by common law and statute, and about recent issues that have emerged over the past few years (i.e. Fake news, censorship, etc.) Here […]

Presentation: AI & the Law

Hi Everyone, This week we (Brendan and Mojan) are presenting on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the legal community. Please see the two reports and the TedTalk for preparation. Have a great weekend!