Slides & Materials

Class 12 2020 Audio-Slides – “Broadcasting & Telecommunications: Origins, Policies; Law: Part 2”

Well, here we are. Final class of the year. Enjoy. Hope everyone (+ family & friends) are doing well and staying safe. In spite of and to some extent because of all the challenges of the latter part of the semester, it really has been fun to teach this course this particular year. There always […]

Class 11 2020 Audio-Slides – “Broadcasting & Telecommunications: Origins, Policies & Law: Part 1”

Hope you are safe and sound wherever you may be. This week’s slides are about the origins and evolution (or not) of broadcasting policy in Canada. There are voice icons on various pages but mostly at the beginning of sections of slides. Hope they are fun, interesting and useful. Jon  

Class 10 2020 Audio-Slides – “Defining Broadcasting”

Hope everyone is doing well. This weeks audio slides are comprised of News of the week, a guided exercise to hopefully bring alive the definition of “Broadcasting” we have in Canada, and then a brief return to the context and usefulness (or not) of the S. 3 objectives in the Broadcasting Act. Stay safe everyone. […]

Group Presentation: Influencer Marketing

            Hi Everyone, Please press on the image above or the link below to access our group presentation on Influencer Marketing: We have embedded an audio file into each slide, allowing each presenter to talk about their slide. The audio file can be played by clicking on the audio […]

Class 9 2020 Audio-Slides & Video – “Statutory Jurisdiction of the CRTC” + The Honourable Marshall Rothstein C.C., O.C.

Below as the first remote talk of our COVID 19 digital learning experiment are slides with audio embedded on them. Most but not all of them have audio. Slides with audio are identifiable as they have a speaker symbol in the centre of the slide. As you navigate through the slides you will learn about […]

Class 7 2020 Slides & Video – “Mid-Term Review of Relevant Threads” + “Cyberbullying, Social Media and the Law”

Slides & video below. Please note that I have subsequently added additional slides related to my wrap-up comments in class today following the presentation of “Cyberbullying, Social Media and the Law”.   Jon