Materials and Questions for January 25th Class


Kasey and I are planning our presentation for next week, and would like everyone to read through Changing the Channel on Canadian Communications Regulation, which is a research report from the C.D. Howe Institute which basically argues that broadcasting laws have failed to keep up with changes and innovation. The actual content runs from pages 3-22 of the pdf.

Some questions we are hoping you will think about so that we can discuss them in class:

  1. What are the arguments for and against the preservation of Canadian Content in a digital age?
  2. Does Canadian Content regulation achieve its goal of preserving Canadian culture?
  3. If nearly all content is now available on demand through the internet and/or various streaming services, what purpose does it actually serve to require certain quotas be met?
  4. In practice, does CanCon Regulation actually help the Canadian artist? Is Canadian creation actually encouraged by this kind of regulation, or is funding access the primary issue?

We look forward to discussing this with you next week (Jan 25)!

-Angi & Kasey