Materials for Feb. 1st Group Presentation

Hey everyone,

Next week, Jonathan and I will be presenting on the changing landscape of digital media and its impact on both the human mind and society.

We’ll start by assessing three general trends in digital media, and how those trends manifest into concrete changes in how we interact with media content. From there, we’ll ask for your thoughts on how these trends are impacting our lives today, and how they might change going forward. Specifically, we’ll ask for your thoughts on (1) whether changes in digital media are globalizing or isolating us, (2) whether these changes are contributing to our personal development or stunting/psychologically harming us, and (3) whether these changes will lead to social harmony and interconnectedness or social fracturing and polarization.

Just skim through the outline if you’re interested, but we’ll cover everything there in more detail during the presentation.

As for the paper (Media Life, Deuze), don’t worry about doing an especially close reading, but focus on the relationship between our lives and the media that surrounds us/defines us. The idea of ‘technogenesis’ – that the human species changes concurrently with its technologies and expressions of media – will be an underlying theme in the presentation.


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