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Class 8 Slides

Here they are. A post facto remix of slides for my improvised talk today. Laura & Claudio’s as delivered. Back to Part 3 of broadcasting policy next week. Am also extending “Question of the Week” to two so that we can get a bit deeper into Canadian Content before you answer. Jon

Question of the Week (Classes 8 + 9): Should the rules regarding Canadian Content contained in the Broadcasting Act & Regulations continue?

Canadian Content regulation has for decades been a prime focus in any debate about our communications system. In the digital media age, the issue is still present but sometimes feels like it is covered up by the overwhelming changes and innovations bred through the mostly unregulated and seemingly more urgent issues of social media today. […]

Social Media to Combat Gun Violence?

Hi everyone, With the latest Florida mass shooting I, like most of you, have witnessed the outcry and response to this act of gun violence on social media. My post today is based on the following article: The article states that the Florida students have turned social media into a weapon for good. They are […]

Net Activism

Net Activism For our upcoming presentation, Laura and I are going to address the topic of net activism in its various forms. We will define the term, explore some of the main techniques of net activism, the reactions to these techniques, and possible legal responses to the emergence of various net activism movements. Please watch […]

Class 7 Slides

Here they are, all in one place… Jon

Question of the Week (Class 7) & Class 7 Poll: John Perry Barlow and “to regulate or not to regulate” social media?

Let me start this in a perhaps unusual place. John Perry Barlow passed away on February 7 2017 at the age of 70. He was many things and could easily be nominated for any list of the most interesting, charismatic, and thoughtful people in recent memory. He possessed instant street cred for having been a […]

Could AI Be the Future of Fake News and Product Reviews?

The following article aligns with our discussion of using AI technology to create deep fakes. However, this article identifies an experiment conducted by  a group of University of Chicago researchers. The experiment involves using computer algorithms to create fake Yelp restaurant evaluations. The researchers used a machine-learning technique known as deep learning to analyze letter and […]

News of the Week; February 7, 2018

MEDIA, COMMUNICATIONS & NET NEUTRALITY Hail Mary Pass to Supreme Court Missed Its Mark: Application to Stay CRTC Order Prohibiting Simultaneous Substitution during the Super Bowl Dismissed Broadcasting Procedural Letter Addressed to Netflix (CRTC) No Panic: Canadian TV and Film Production Posts Biggest Year Ever Raising Doubts About the Need for Site Blocking and Netflix Regulation […]

News of the Week; January 31, 2018

MEDIA, COMMUNICATIONS & NET NEUTRALITY New York, Montana governors sign executive orders to safeguard net neutrality  Montana to FCC: You can’t stop us from protecting net neutrality – Montana governor is ready for lawsuits over attempt to protect net neutrality. New York Governor Signs Executive Order on Net Neutrality, as AT&T CEO Calls for Internet […]

Trudeau threatens Facebook with regulations over fake news problem

This article was interesting in light of what we’ve been discussing in class: The article is just quoting “a source with knowledge” of some conversation between Trudeau and Sheryl Sandberg, and then goes on to say that neither Facebook or the PM’s office would comment on this, but putting aside the irony of an […]