News of the Week; December 5, 2018


  1. Boycott: What If The CRTC Launched a Consumer Internet Code and Consumer Groups Refused to Participate in its Development? (Michael Geist)
  2. FCC Commissioner Accuses Her Own Agency Of A Net Neutrality Cover Up
  3. “What is the FCC hiding?” Pai still won’t release net neutrality server logs
  4. Wireless Carriers Won’t Comment On 5G’s Most Important Question: How Much Will It Cost?
  5. Ajit Pai buries 2-year-old speed test data in appendix of 762-page report
  6. Senators Continue To Point Out Our Broadband Maps Suck
  7. How a phone app detected Sprint’s alleged throttling of Skype
  8. Verizon/AOL helped advertisers track kids online, must now pay $5M fine
  9. Nota Bene Episode 14: Net Neutrality Essentials 
  10. UK ISPs Demand Ad Watchdog Crack Down On ‘Fake Fiber’ Broadband 


  1. Lawmakers Say Facebook Struck Deals Over Personal Data 
  2. Mark Zuckerberg Was ‘Skeptical’ About Risk of Leaks Like Cambridge Analytica, Emails Show
  3. Facebook also let dating apps have further access to Graph API back in 2015
  4. Good For The World, But Not Good For Us: The Really Damning Bits Of The Facebook Revelations 
  5. ACLU Wants Release of Secret Court Order Demanding Facebook Build Surveillance Backdoor
  6. EFF, ACLU Petition Court To Unseal Documents From DOJ’s Latest Anti-Encryption Efforts 
  7. Want to Quit Facebook? These Are the Best Alternatives for Most of What Facebook Does
  8. Facebook is betting that shows with cult followings like ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ can juice up Facebook Watch and bring in millennial viewers
  9. App Developers Suing Facebook Suffer Redaction Failure, Expose Discussions About Pay-For-Play API Access
  10. Judge slams bikini-app maker’s lawyers in legal clash with Facebook
  11. Facebook’s Policy Team Steamrolled On FOSTA By Sheryl Sandberg’s Personal Priorities
  12. The Utter Failure Of FOSTA: More Lives At Risk… And Sex Ads Have Increased, Not Decreased
  13. Philpot v. Alternet Media, Inc.
  14. Eighth Lawsuit Against Social Media Providers for “Materially Supporting Terrorists” Fails–Copeland v. Twitter (Eric Goldman)
  15. Giuliani can’t figure out how URLs work, blames Twitter for liberal bias
  16. Rudy Giuliani’s Paranoid Nonsense Tweet Is A Good Reminder That We Need Actual Cybersecurity Experts In Government
  17. I Wanted to Stream Buffy, Angel, and Firefly for Free, But Not Like This
  18. Marvel and Netflix Have Canceled Daredevil
  19. The bloodbath continues: Netflix cancels Daredevil after three seasons
  20. Fans Are Really Mad Netflix Cancelled Marvel’s Daredevil
  21. Head of Alibaba’s Youku Sacked, Under Police Investigation for Corruption
  22. Casey Neistat Books Part In Netflix Film With Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  23. Ariana Grande Blasts Past Record For Biggest YouTube Debut In 24 Hours
  24. Ariana Grande Sets YouTube, Vevo Record
  25. YouTube’s Oldest Star, Indian Chef ‘Mastanamma’, Has Passed Away At 107
  26. 7-Year-Old Ryan ToysReview Reportedly Earned $22 Million On YouTube Last Year
  27. Byeeeee, Logan Paul: Brands Prefer ‘Micro Influencers’ Now
  28. How YouTube Star Logan Paul Made $14.5 Million Amid Scandal
  29. Under Armour is running a YouTube series on IGTV
  30. YouTube Expands ‘Stories’ Feature To All Creators With At Least 10,000 Subscribers
  31. Hacker Rigs Printers To Spit Out Pro-PewDiePie Propaganda In Fight Against T-Series
  32. PewDiePie Battles Racist Fan Comments By Raising Money For Indian Child Rights Charity
  33. Adult Swim, Crunchyroll announce first-ever co-production: A Blade Runner anime
  34. ESPN Has Lost 14 Million Viewers In 7 Years Thanks To Cord Cutting
  35. Behind-the-Scenes NBA Content Is Coming to New YouTube Channel: Part of a continuing partnership between the league and BBTV
  36. BBTV and NBA Launch NBA Playmakers Youtube Channel: Channel to Feature Original Shows Starring Some of the Most Talented Digital Influencers
  37. YouTube Aims To Boost Video Engagement With Home Feed Autoplay
  38. Pentatonix Sets 3rd NBC Christmas Special With Kelly Clarkson, Backstreet Boys, More
  39. AT&T May Sell 10% Stake in Hulu, Worth Up to $930 Million, Potentially Giving Disney More Control
  40. AT&T makes it more expensive to cancel DirecTV or Internet service
  41. WarnerMedia Considering Selling Its $930 Million Hulu Stake Ahead Of Launching Its Own Streaming Service
  42. WarnerMedia’s Forthcoming Streaming Service To Offer 3 Content Tiers
  43. Hulu Lands Funimation First-Look Deal for Japanese Anime Series
  44. Hulu, AT&T Considering Ads That Will Play When Viewers Pause
  45. AT&T’s Otter Media Lays Off 10% of Staff, Will Absorb Machinima in Reorg
  46. Otter Media Lays Off 140 Staffers Amid Reorganization Of Rooster Teeth, Fullscreen, Machinima, More
  47. Verizon Dinged Again For Privacy Violations, This Time For Slinging Personalized Ads To Kids
  48. Verizon takes aim at Tumblr’s kneecaps, bans all adult content
  49. Tumblr to Ban All Adult Content
  50. Tumblr Updates Guidelines to Prohibit “Adult Content”
  51. Tumblr’s porn ban is going about as badly as expected
  52. Tumblr’s New Ban on Adult Content Is a Bigger Deal Than You Think
  53. Tumblr’s Porn Ban Is Off to a Predictably Stupid Start
  54. Tumblr’s New ‘No Sex’ Rules Show The Problems Of FOSTA And EU Copyright Directive In One Easy Move
  55. Fandom’s Fate Is Not Tied to Tumblr’s: If Tumblr doesn’t learn from history, it will be headed for the same fate as LiveJournal.
  56. A Logan Paul Vlog Led To The Arrest Of Man Who Mistreated Baby Tiger, Investigators Say
  57. Tumblr’s Porn-Detecting Ai Has One Job – And It’s Bad At It
  58. The Year’s Most Popular Digital Celebrities And Web Series On Tumblr (Exclusive)
  59. In Video Debut, CIMON the ISS Robot Throws an Unexpected Tantrum
  60. Study: People Are Chill With Robot Brothels – For Singles
  61. Judge says AI could have been used: Courts mindful of technology 
  62. AI is here to stay
  63. Why AI Needs To Reflect Society
  64. Listen To An AI’s Nightmarish Beatboxing: You’ve been warned.
  65. FTC Hearings Exploring Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics Focus on Notions of Fairness, Transparency and Ethical Uses 
  66. How We Can Prepare for Catastrophically Dangerous AI—and Why We Can’t Wait
  67. More than an auto-pilot, AI charts its course in aviation
  68. Why the United States Needs a National Artificial Intelligence Strategy and What It Should Look Like
  69. This Startup Says It Can Tell From Your Eyes If You’re Lying
  70. Are ethical guidelines needed for autonomous vehicles? 
  71. Reddit Co-founder Mocks Elon Musk’s Warnings About AI: But then he issued a warning of his own.
  72. Tech Policy In Times Of Trouble
  73. In Year-End Review, Reddit Touts 1.4 Billion Monthly Native Video Views
  74. First punch: Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled settle with SEC over unlawful touting of Icos 
  75. How Podcast Platforms Respond to Hate Speech: Clinic Releases New Memo
  76. Drake, Ariana Grande Top Spotify’s Year-End ‘Wrapped’ Charts 
  77. Drake Can’t Be Stopped As Apple Music 2018 Artist of the Year
  78. Apple Music arrives on Amazon’s Echo speakers starting December 17
  79. Apple published a surprising amount of detail about how the HomePod works
  80. Tim Cook: Apple won’t tolerate white supremacists, conspiracy theorists
  81. iOS apps used Touch ID feature to trick users into paying hefty fees
  82. Google’s cross-platform mobile app dev kit Flutter hits v. 1.0
  83. Google bridges Android and iOS development with Flutter 1.0
  84. Palm Phone Review: Fun, endearing, and bad at everything
  85. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has Mastered The Politics Of Digital Intimacy: The congresswoman-elect connects with young voters, promoting progressive positions while chopping peppers and making noodles.
  86. Digital Divide Is Wider Than We Think, Study Says
  87. Tech Giants Wake Up to EU Copyright Plan That Threatens to Nuke the Web
  88. Latest On EU Copyright Directive: No One’s Happy With Article 13, So Maybe Let’s Drop It?
  89. Introduction of the Geo-Blocking Regulation: Update for Website Operators 
  90. Don’t let the new geo-blocking rules ruin your Christmas
  91. The EU Anti-Geoblocking Regulation Becomes Effective Today (Guest Blog Post)
  92. Some EU Nations Still Haven’t Implemented The 2013 Marrakesh Treaty For The Blind
  93. Starbucks will begin filtering pornography from its Wi-Fi networks
  94. The Best (Free) Streaming Service You’ve Never Heard Of
  95. ATF: Indian Streaming Platform, Eros Now to Invest $70 Million in Original Content
  96. Hooking them young? “Amazon Teen” is targeting kids on Snapchat
  97. Congress: Amazon didn’t give “sufficient answers” about facial recognition
  98. An Amazon revolt could be brewing as the tech giant exerts more control over brands: Some companies are choosing to end their relationship with Amazon rather than cave to the online retailer’s demands.
  99. Amazon Is Offering Gift Cards to Customers Who Complain About Its Data Breach: Report
  100. Alert! Alert! The information demands on the modern digital journalist are overwhelming and leading to burnout: “We have a problem with the ways traditional managers view technology in this new environment.” 
  101. Data Scraping: Theft or Fair Game?
  102. Feds: AriseBank duped investors out of over $4M in cryptocurrency scam
  103. Floyd Mayweather fined $600,000 for undisclosed cryptocurrency plugs
  104. 69-Year-Old Troll Loses Case to Make Himself 20 Years Younger
  105. Media Newsletter – Defamation by retweet, blocking websites and Jeff Koons liable for copying advert
  106. The Vice Squad: A Case Commentary on R v Vice Media Canada Inc (Lisa Silver) 


  1. R. v. Vice Media Canada Inc. (2018 SCC 53)
  2. This Is a Dark Day for Press Freedom: Our editorial response to today’s Supreme Court of Canada ruling.
  3. ‘Dark day for press freedom’: Vice must give ISIS notes to police, top court rules – But justices say journalists should be present to argue their side when police seek production orders
  4. Canada Rejects A Free Press: Supreme Court Says Journalist Must Hand Over Sources
  5. Stephen Colbert accuses Donald Trump of stealing his material
  6. Framework for media production orders stands, with some refinement: SCC
  7. Fake News on Fair Dealing from Michael Enright Himself and the CBC Sunday Edition
  8. ECtHR rules that prohibiting linking to defamatory content might be freedom of expression violation: what implications (if any) for copyright? (Eleonora Rosati)
  9. Using a Competitor’s Trademark as a Keyword in Keyword Advertising is Not an Actionable Trademark Use
  10. Music modernization act 
  11. Ramble on Back to Court: Led Zeppelin Can’t Shake “Stairway” Infringement Claims
  12. Misleading on Fair Dealing, Part 8: The Access Copyright Fight Against Transactional Licensing (Michael Geist)
  13. Misleading on Fair Dealing, Part 9: The Remarkable Growth of Free and Open Materials (Michael Geist)
  14. Misleading on Fair Dealing, Part 10: Rejecting Access Copyright’s Demand to Force Its Licence on Canadian Education (Michael Geist)
  15. Complex networks study ranks the most influential films of all time
  16. How to patent an infotainment system
  17. Our Bipolar Free-Speech Disorder And How To Fix It (Part 2)
  18. Our Bipolar Free-Speech Disorder And How To Fix It (Part 3)


  1. China Forces Tesla and Other EV Makers to Turn Over Driver Data: Every vehicle in the nation shares 61 data points – including its real-time location.
  2. Google Shut Out Privacy And Security Teams From Secret China Project
  3. Google Faces European Consumer Group Complaints Alleging GDPR Violations for Improper Collection of Location Tracking Data 
  4. FBI Faked Up A FedEx Website To Track Down A Scam Artist
  5. Deputy AG Claims There’s No Market For Better Security While Complaining About Encryption At A Cybercrime Conference
  6. GCHQ Propose A ‘Going Dark’ Workaround That Creates The Same User Trust Problem Encryption Backdoors Do
  7. Lawsuit: Boston PD’s ‘Gang Database’ Says People Who Wear Nikes And Have Been Beat Up By Gang Members Are ‘Gang Associates’
  8. How Civil Subpoenas Are Used To Unmask Online Speakers, And How A Recent Decision Will Help Deter Bogus Ones
  9. Iranians indicted in Atlanta city government ransomware attack
  10. Thousands of sensitive emails stolen in intrusion of Republican campaign arm
  11. Marriott breach leaves 500 million exposed with passport, card numbers stolen
  12. Mass router hack exposes millions of devices to potent NSA exploit
  13. EternalSuffering: NSA Exploits Still Being Successfully Used To Hijack Computers More Than A Year After Patching
  14. Hackers breach and steal password data for 100 million users
  15. What Can and Should the Law Do About ‘Deepfake’: An Update
  16. The Hack of 100 Million Quora Users Could Be Even Bigger Than It Sounds
  17. DOJ Tells Tech Companies to Develop “Responsible Encryption”
  18. FTC Issues Online Ad-Tracking Recommendations
  19. FTC Commissioners Call for Federal Privacy Legislation and Highlight Lack of Civil Penalty Enforcement in Senate Hearing 
  20. New EU ePrivacy Regulation to come into force in 2019: What to expect


  1. Games Done Quick bans two runners over sexist, transphobic remarks: GoldenEye 007 runners barred “indefinitely” from GDQ events after troubling screenshots circulate
  2. Bethesda issues permanent ban to Fallout 76 players involved in homophobic harassment: Player forced to report harassers over Twitter due to lack of in-game systems
  3. Bethesda Support Leaks Fallout 76 Customer Names, Addresses & Phone Numbers
  4. Bethesda’s attempt to fix a Fallout 76 blunder leaks angry shoppers’ PID [Updated]
  5. Bethesda responds to Fallout 76 collector’s edition complaints: Developer offers $5 of in-game currency to fans after misrepresenting $200 Power Armor Edition
  6. Bethesda promising replacement bags after Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition backlash – Beleaguered publisher is “finalising manufacturing plans” for those canvas bags it originally advertised
  7. Bethesda To Replace Nylon Bags With Promised Canvas Bags For Owners Of Fallout 76’s $200 Power Armor Edition
  8. Don’t Miss: 20 years of Fallout: Lessons learned shipping games in the wasteland
  9. Swedish authorities raid Starbreeze on suspicion of insider trading
  10. Starbreeze raided by authorities, one person arrested: Swedish Economic Crime Authority have seized computers and documents from troubled publisher this morning
  11. Starbreeze faces insolvency, CEO steps down: Swedish firm has applied for “reconstruction” with Stockholm courts as financial impact of Overkill’s The Walking Dead becomes clear
  12. Starbreeze slashes price of Overkill’s The Walking Dead due to low sales: Content sold for $60 one month ago now available for $30
  13. Starbreeze CEO departs as company files for administration
  14. Pokémon Go trespassing lawsuit settled: No terms disclosed, but both parties targeting approval next February
  15. Kareem Hunt removed from Madden NFL 19: Former Chiefs running back cut from both real life and in-game team after assault video emerges
  16. ‘This can’t go on too long:’ Artists demand compensation as Fortnite takes their dances – Rapper 2 Milly has threatened to sue the company. Will others follow suit?
  17. 2 Milly sues over Fortnite dance: Rapper enlists firm from Gears of War Cole Train suit to go after Epic Games for selling Milly Rock emote to players
  18. Epic Games is being sued over one of Fortnite’s dance emotes
  19. Fortnite and copyright: Can you steal a dance routine?: Reed Smith’s Gregor Pryor on the potential copyright issues surrounding Fortnite’s dance emotes
  20. Ninja’s Spent 3,800 Hours Streaming ‘Fortnite’ This Year. That’s The Equivalent Of 95 40-Hour Workweeks.
  21. Epic unveils new Fortnite Creative mode focused on building
  22. ‘Fortnite’ Was The Most Talked About Game on Twitter in 2018
  23. Valve offers explanation for October drop in Steam traffic: Indie complaints prompt run-down of algorithm shift, unintended functionality of promotion tools
  24. Valve’s Steam Link app lands on Raspberry Pi
  25. Steam Link is now in beta for Raspberry Pi: Micro-computer costs less to buy than the now discontinued Steam Link hardware
  26. Valve creates new rev share tiers to give big sellers a break
  27. Indie developers are unhappy with Steam’s new revenue sharing tiers: Developers take to social media to voice concerns that Valve is pushing out indies as it courts AAA
  28. Steam is under attack from all sides: Valve changes its revenue share as its world becomes increasingly hostile
  29. Devs say a problem with the Steam algorithm has severely hurt store page traffic
  30. Valve explains recent Steam store traffic changes
  31. Valve changes developer terms to try to retain top games
  32. Valve adds revenue share tiers for developers: Other updates include confidentiality clarification to allow developers to share their own sales data
  33. Artifact and the Five Currencies: An economic deep dive into Valve’s card game
  34. Opinion: It’s ‘Store Wars’ in the 21st century
  35. Epic Games launching Steam competitor with 88% revenue share for devs
  36. Epic undercuts Steam with new store that gives devs more money
  37. Epic Aims to Take on Steam with Newly Announced Epic Games Store
  38. Epic launching Steam rival with 88% revenue share for developers: Free games, direct access to customers, mod support and more; Tim Sweeney reveals the plan for the Epic Games Store
  39. Epic Games is no longer actively developing Unreal Tournament
  40. Quake Champions to introduce a paid battle pass
  41. Stardew Valley dev announces decision to self-publish
  42. Stardew Valley switches to self-publishing on most platforms: Chucklefish to remain at the helm for Nintendo Switch, mobile versions
  43. Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms
  44. Nintendo ends controversial YouTube revenue-sharing program
  45. Nintendo Shuttering Controversial ‘Creators Program,’ Widening Monetization Prospects For YouTube And Twitch Gamers
  46. Nintendo pulls plug on YouTube Creators Program: Switch maker will stop taking a cut of revenue from people making original videos about Nintendo games
  47. Nintendo Shuts Down Its ‘Creators’ YouTuber Program, Replaces It With Simpler But Still Confusing Guidelines For Streaming
  48. Strategy Analytics: Nintendo to take back console market leadership in 2019 – Analyst predicts Nintendo will sell 17.3 million consoles in 2019, overtaking both Microsoft and Sony
  49. Nintendo bets heavily on the holidays: While Sony and Microsoft have spread sales over the year, Nintendo is laser-focused on the holiday season – and this year it needs every Switch sale it can get
  50. Nintendo’s new content guidelines will make monetization easier for YouTubers
  51. Virtuos offers dev advice on porting games to the Switch
  52. Blog: A look at the cinematic music of Breath of the Wild
  53. Blog: What anthropology has to say about games
  54. Players find secret emulation menu hidden in PlayStation Classic
  55. Dozens of hidden game names found in PlayStation Classic source files
  56. PlayStation Classic’s hidden settings accessible through USB keyboards
  57. IGDA calls for industry action on loot boxes: Developer group says publishers should clearly disclose odds, commit to not marketing loot boxes to children
  58. IGDA urges devs to self-regulate loot boxes — while they still can
  59. The FTC is Searching for the Value in Loot 
  60. Senators Seek FTC Scrutiny of Children’s Apps 
  61. Console loot boxes haven’t ‘achieved the trust’, says Gameloft – DLC: Plus the link between death metal drummers and Media Molecule’s hiring process, and marketing tips from a sandwich shop
  62. The Podcast: Unpacking loot boxes – Download our latest episode now, exploring how the industry can handle its monetisation more responsibly
  63. UK gambling commission in talks with Twitch over casino streams: Two unlicensed sites have been played by Twitch streamers in its popular casino category recently
  64. Why are AAA single-player games viable again? – 2018 in Review: A look at the good and bad of an industry where the biggest players can make a business catering to those who fly solo
  65. US game industry revenues up 24% in third quarter – NPD Group: Mobile games and digital content growth help push third quarter consumer spending on games up to $9.1 billion
  66. GameStop reports $488.6 million loss despite strong software sales
  67. The year games retail (didn’t) die – 2018 In Review: As store closures mount up, is there hope left for physical games outlets?
  68. Farming Simulator 19 most-downloaded game on EMEAA charts this week: FIFA 19 dominates combined retail and digital charts once more
  69. Niantic invests in holographic AR display outfit: Pokemon Go creator among latest backers in DigiLens’ Series C funding round
  70. Blog: Why I lost $42,500 making a VR game
  71. To the ‘VR is Dying’ Crowd: There’s More VR Users on Steam Than Ever Before
  72. US Army awards $480 million contract for Microsoft’s Hololens: Augmented reality headset prototypes will be developed to increase “lethality, mobility, and situational awareness”
  73. Microsoft wins $480 million military contract to bring HoloLens to the battlefield
  74. GameStop reports strong quarterly sales, $488.6 million loss: Asset impairment charge due to slumping stock price wipes out gains from Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
  75. Soulja Boy Is Selling Some Kind Of Game Consoles, But People Are Suspicious
  76. Hard drive share as a strategic weapon for console publishers: MIDiA Research’s Karol Severin on why AAA publishers need to dominate your storage – until streaming kicks off, of course
  77. Beware the corporate video game canon
  78. Play Ventures aims to invest $30 million in video game startups
  79. Voice actors launch free initiative to help developers improve their scripts: Mass Effect, Firewatch, and Gone Home voice actors found Specialized Workshops And Actor Tactics
  80. App Annie: Mobile to take 60% of worldwide gaming revenue – Cross-platform play on mobile, improved smartphones are driving the rise in market share
  81. Playgroundz: Women dominate mobile gaming and spending, are scarce on YouTube and Twitch – Women make up only 30% of gamers on YouTube, 22% of esports team members, and 19.5% of gamers on Twitch
  82. Building EA’s real-time esports strategy: Competitive gaming commissioner Evan Denbaum and GM Michael Martinez discuss EA’s foray into mobile esports with Command & Conquer Rivals
  83. Super Evil Megacorp partners with NetEase to launch Vainglory in China
  84. Blog: What differentiates players in the U.S. and China?
  85. Video: How developers can collaborate and manage conflict 
  86. Layoffs at Jam City as mobile studio ‘reallocates resources’
  87. Jam City reportedly lays off large number of employees across multiple studios – Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery developer undergoes “organizational changes” following multiple acquisitions
  88. Government report values UK games industry at just over £1bn: Ukie suggests that figure might be substantially higher
  89. Mobile studio Playtika acquires Wooga to bolster its casual games offerings
  90. Playtika acquires German casual studio Wooga: Deal is worth a reported $100 million, with no layoffs to Wooga’s 180-strong team
  91. Carmageddon is the latest property to be acquired by THQ Nordic
  92. Rovio acquires Eve: War of Ascension dev PlayRaven
  93. Rovio acquires Finnish mobile studio PlayRaven: Deal covers all shares in PlayRaven and its staff of 25 people
  94. Ubisoft acquires game server provider 
  95. Ubisoft acquires server company Publisher hopes to strengthen online and multiplayer experiences with help of Dutch provider
  96. EVE Online dev halts production on Project Nova
  97. CCP halts production of EVE-based FPS Project Nova: Icelandic studio is going “back to the drawing board” more than a year after announcement
  98. New AI Dreams Up Trippy Video Games Based on Real Life Video: All it took was a graphics card, a game engine, a software engineer, and AI.
  99. Microsoft publishes Xbox Family Guide to educate parents ahead of Christmas: “It’s important parents take an active role in managing their children’s access to online content and gaming,” says director Harvey Eagle
  100. Don’t Miss: Fostering camaraderie in game communities from the ground up
  101. Four design lessons which were really obvious to everyone but me
  102. People of the Year 2018: The Xbox Adaptive Controller team – Microsoft’s team didn’t just create an excellent, accessible controller; they also set a new industry precedent
  103. PUBG Mobile grabs Best Game in 2018 Google Play Awards
  104. PUBG Mobile leads winners in Android Game of the Year Awards: 20 titles celebrated for innovation, competitive multiplayers, and casual accessibility
  105. Brenda Romero, Jade Raymond and Fumito Ueda to be honoured at Fun & Serious Festival 2018: Bilbao event will also host two days of talks from Rare, Ubisoft, Tencent, Women in Games, and more
  106. Apple names Donut County and Gorogoa best iOS games of 2018
  107. Donut County and Gorogoa triumph in Apple Game of the Year Awards: Meanwhile, Apple Design Awards highlight Florence, Inside, Alto’s Odyssey and more
  108. Former Sierra On-Line dev posts original source codes to eBay
  109. Al Lowe reveals his Sierra source code collection—then puts all of it on eBay
  110. NVIDIA’s physics engine is now open source
  111. Video games and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Christmas: 10 Years Ago This Month: The global economic downturn leads to a holiday season full of closures, layoffs, bankruptcies, and all-around bummers


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