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Freedom of Speech During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The rise of the Internet and the advent of social media has highlighted the need to regulate these open forums whilst balancing the right of freedom of speech. As evidenced by the 2016 US election, although social media can provide an excellent platform for the dissemination of a plurality of ideas and information, it can […]

Blockchain Smart Contracts

Anyone who has taken Contract law will remember the struggles that can arise in interpreting contractual provisions, or keeping on top of 100 pages documents. To address these complexities, many law firms and organisations are looking to enabling contracts through blockchain, allowing these documents to operate through data and logic. This article provides an interesting […]

Why we aren’t ready for the ‘remote’ revolution

As I found myself on Saturday night in a Google Hangouts with friends from Allard, quarantine delivered beer in hand. With a game of PokerStars on one screen, google hangouts on another, and a guide on how to play poker pulled up on my phone I noticed something that I hadn’t really experienced since moving […]

News of the Week; March 25, 2020

COMMUNICATIONS Comcast wins Supreme Court case over interpretation of civil rights law: Black-owned TV network alleged racism in Comcast decision not to carry channels. Comcast aggressively moves to work-from-home during pandemic Charter employees beg for work-from-home rights during pandemic Charter grudgingly lets up to 40% of call-center employees work from home Charter Spectrum Under Fire […]

Class 10 2020 Audio-Slides – “Defining Broadcasting”

Hope everyone is doing well. This weeks audio slides are comprised of News of the week, a guided exercise to hopefully bring alive the definition of “Broadcasting” we have in Canada, and then a brief return to the context and usefulness (or not) of the S. 3 objectives in the Broadcasting Act. Stay safe everyone. […]

Discussion Post: DRONES

I was reviewing some articles from the CBA and thought it would be interesting to share the following information since people are starting to stay home a little more and drones might be a way of getting out and about! The first thing to highlight is that as drones become more popular and more capable, […]

But Like, Why Zoom Though?

I don’t know about you, but I had no idea that Zoom even existed until shortly before we all went into quarantine a few weeks ago. So imagine my surprise when I found out that this company was founded in 2011, reached “unicorn” status in 2017, and went public last year! It currently sits as […]

COVID-19 and Privacy

I apologize in advance for writing about COVID-19, as I’m sure we are all relatively sick of reading and talking about it, but I came across a topic which is relevant to many of the themes we have been exploring in this class. BBC has reported that South Korea, Singapore, and Israel have deployed apps […]

Group Presentation: Access to High-Speed Internet

Hello everyone, Here is our presentation on Access to High-Speed Internet in Canada. Audio is embedded in each slide, just click the grey speaker icon on each slide to start it. Please let us know if you have any issues accessing the slide or listening to the audio. We’ll have a few resources that we’ll […]

COVID-19 Based Cyber-Fraud On The Rise

According to CBC, the RCMP is saying fraudsters are beginning to take advantage of current COVID situation. People are starting to receive phone calls from fraudsters who are posing as the Public Health Agency of Canada in order to get credit card information by telling people they have COVID-19 and require a prescription. On the […]