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Misinformation and Coronavirus

In the wake of COVID 19, ensuring correct and honest information is disseminated to individuals has never been more important. Now more than ever, people need to hear about society’s big plan to socially isolate ourselves and maintain higher sanitization standards than we are used to. The threat of misinformation is a threat to the […]

Group Presentation: Influencer Marketing

            Hi Everyone, Please press on the image above or the link below to access our group presentation on Influencer Marketing: We have embedded an audio file into each slide, allowing each presenter to talk about their slide. The audio file can be played by clicking on the audio […]

News of the Week; March 18, 2020

COMMUNICATIONS TELUS Corporation obtains court order to hold virtual-only shareholder meeting California AG Announces Settlement Agreement with T-Mobile and Sprint US Cable Companies Lost 5 Million Paying Customers Last Year Alone AT&T waives data cap during coronavirus; Comcast keeps charging overage fees US ISPs Drop Usage Caps, Pledge To Avoid Kicking Users Offline During Coronavirus […]

The Costs of Connection: COVID-19 and its Socio-Economic Impacts

In the midst of the social isolation that everyone is hopefully practicing, I wanted to share some thoughts to serve as a reminder to take care of one another. As has been quite obvious, social networks have been serving their purpose in bearing a large burden as people attempt to combat the effects of social […]

Class 9 2020 Audio-Slides & Video – “Statutory Jurisdiction of the CRTC” + The Honourable Marshall Rothstein C.C., O.C.

Below as the first remote talk of our COVID 19 digital learning experiment are slides with audio embedded on them. Most but not all of them have audio. Slides with audio are identifiable as they have a speaker symbol in the centre of the slide. As you navigate through the slides you will learn about […]

Group Presentation Background: Influencer Marketing

Hi, everyone! On Thursday, Claire, Coco, Shona and I will upload our presentation on influencer marketing. As a prelude, we thought it would be helpful and apt for the practice of social distancing if you either watched the Netflix documentary on the Fyre Festival, the trailer, or read this article. Our presentation is broken into […]

Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape, sexual assault

See CBC article: In light of the panic and fear of Covid 19, it is understandable that other news has taken a back seat. That being said, I would like to draw attention to the important milestone that occurred this week for the #MeToo movement – Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in […]

News of the Week; March 11, 2020

COMMUNICATIONS The Cancon Conundrum: Why Policies to Promote “Canadian Stories” Need an Overhaul (Michael Geist) Bains’ Other Wireless Affordability Problem: The Broadcast Panel Plan for WhatsApp, Skype and Other Internet Services to Pay Canadian Broadband Taxes (Michael Geist) A CRTC Without the West: Why an MP Is Calling a Broadcast Panel Recommendation “Discriminatory” and Warning […]

Interesting Follow up – Clearview AI and Facial Recognition Technology

Hi Everyone, Further to our presentation on facial recognition technology yesterday and specifically, our focussed discussion on law enforcement’s use of Clearview AI, I just wanted to share the following article. Despite their insistence that Clearview AI is intended for the sole use of supporting law enforcement personnel and a few select private security companies, […]

Justin Bieber, US Copyright Litigation & Music Sampling Libraries

I listened to a super interesting podcast last week about sample libraries in popular music that I thought I would share as it is an interesting combination of issues to do with copyright and pop music – alongside a little twitter feud. In February 2020, Justin Bieber released his newest album “Changes” and shortly after […]