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California district judge allows state to preserve net neutrality Net neutrality took a beating in the states a few years ago, and though California largely repaired the law at a state level it was prevented from enforcing it by various lawsuits from the telecom industry. A new decision by district judge John Mendez just denied the final injunction standing in California’s way. Whether […]

Class 6 2021 Slides & Video – “Communications Law: Solutions – Part 1”

Below you will find slides and video of this week’s “light-board” class. Had things gone well then the better part of my technological incompetence would have been edited out…Didn’t happen. I failed at iMovie. Will keep trying. Meanwhile , at the very least skip from 46:05 to 57:49!!! Jon


Further to Professor Festinger’s unwillingness to accept facebooks repeated privacy violations and hackneyed apologies, I wanted to look at organizational responses to public outcry. The article I found is out of the Harvard Business Review is a step-by-step guide: A quote I found especially interesting: “For many years, medical professionals were advised not to […]

Flipboard: The greatest App on my iPhone

I was filling out Christine’s survey re: Misinformation and thought I should share this with you all before I forget. During the Trump debacle, I was frustrated with how to go about sourcing news articles. I found it easy enough to google CNN/ABC/etc but I still wanted to see what other, less familiar, articles were […]

Facebook restores access to news pages in Australia after a week-long blackout

Hi class, Building on the most recent News of the Week over Facebook’s decision to blackout access to both Australian news on the international scale and news pages on Facebook in Australia, an agreement has been reached between Facebook and the Australian Government. To summarize, Australia has been at the forefront of the news recently […]

World’s first two Bitcoin ETFs launch in Canada

Hi everyone! This past week, the world’s first and second Bitcoin exchange traded funds – the Purpose Bitcoin and Evolve Bitcoin ETFs respectively – launched in Canada on the Toronto Stock Exchange. You can read Global BC’s article about the Purpose Bitcoin ETF here: …and Yahoo Finance’s article on the Evolve ETF here: […]

AI used to make psychedelic mushrooms and edibles

I found a post I wanted to share – there is a company using AI technology to create psychedelics mushrooms and edibles – thought it was quite an interesting concept!

A Presentation on Disinformation

Hello Class! In preparation for my audio PowerPoint presentation, I would love to able to get some class feedback on how each of us chooses to engage with the information we consume. Below you will find a link to a brief 2-question survey. The survey is intended to measure, not just how we stay up […]

News of the Week; February 17, 2021

COMMUNICATIONS Vancouver’s TSN 1040 off the air after Bell suddenly pulls the plug: Vancouver’s most popular sports radio station shut down Tuesday morning, surprising fans and staff alike Bell abandoning all-sports format at radio stations in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Hamilton Why Laid Off Bell Sports Journalists Should Form A Worker Co-op: We cannot rely on legacy […]

News of the Week; February 10, 2021

COMMUNICATIONS Conservative MP Files Amendment Calling on the Government to Withdraw Bill C-10 (Michael Geist) Why The Secrecy on Bill C-10?: How the Liberals Abandoned Their Commitment to Consultation, and Transparency in Pushing Their Broadcast Reform Bill (Michael Geist) Vancouver’s TSN 1040 off the air after Bell suddenly pulls the plug: Vancouver’s most popular sports […]