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Presentation – Data Privacy Regulation & Effects on Tech Sector Monopolization

Hi everyone, Hope you’re all doing well as we head into exam season. If you have time check out my presentation on data privacy regulation and its effects on competition in the tech sector. Hope you enjoy it, let me know if you have any questions or want to talk about anything covered in the […]

Denial of Parler’s requested preliminary injunction against Amazon Web Services (presentation background reading)

Amazon Web Services, the internet giant’s web hosting and cloud computing division, terminated hosting of the right-wing “Twitter alternative” shortly after the Dec 6 attacks on the US Capitol. Failure to moderate the violent content violated AWS’ terms of service. Parler filed for a preliminary injunction to reinstate services until they could proceed with a […]

US Supreme Court permits FCC to relax media ownership rules

Hi everyone, Last week, the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of allowing the FCC to loosen ownership restrictions on local media, partly on the grounds that the long-standing restrictions no longer served the public interest. You can read the article here: On one hand, one could argue that the restrictions that were relaxed […]

Presentation: The Tracking And Usage Of User Data

Hi everyone, Please take a look at my presentation on user data tracking, cookies, and the PIPEDA. Thanks! Harold

Presentation: Whose Content is it Anyway? Exploring the CRTC’s Canadian Content Regulations and Bill C 10

If you have time this is a video that I watched which informed some of my thoughts on what exactly it means for a project to be Canadian so feel free to check that out!   Link to Presentation (Download and open in Powerpoint for Audio)

Cancel Culture Presentation

Hi Y’all, Please see our presentation at the following link on cancel culture. Suggested opening it in Powerpoint! Kindly, Cheryl & Kim & Marshall & Rasheed.

Group Presentation: Trends in Online Defamation

Hi everyone! Trends in Online Defamation – T Hunt S Arbor Above is the link to my and Trevor’s group presentation; there is audio embedded in each slide (grey icon), but I think you may need to download the presentation to make it work. Our topic was an overview of online defamation. We would recommend […]

AI Helps in Suicide Prevention Tools

New AI technology “Riley” is a crisis contact simulator that can be a counsellor training tool, to assist with suicide prevention simulating real life conversations:

AI and the future of aesthetic Procedures

AI is changing the ways of aesthetic procedures in the future with 3D modelling: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Aesthetic Procedures