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AI Helps in Finding Diabetes Risk

New technology will help anticipate potential risk to diabetes with an algorithm: Artificial intelligence helps spot diabetes risk

Project: Why Don’t We See American Super Bowl Commercials in Canada?

Hi everyone! Rhys and I did a project on Super Bowl commercials and why we don’t get to see the American ones in Canada. The link to the Google slides presentation with voiceovers is here. Please feel free to reach out to Rhys or I if you have any questions or would like to discuss […]

Mark Zuckerberg proposes conditional “intermediary liability protection” model for internet platforms

Governments are growing more concerned with large online social media and content platforms in the wake of Camridge Analytica and the general penumbra of misinformation and disinformation. Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before a US senate committee in 2018 and refused to appear before a similar investigation in the UK. The senate committee […]

US Supreme Court rejects Facebook’s appeal contesting their violation of the Wiretap Act

A 9th Circuit court in California ruled in favour of a class action against Facebook last year, finding that the internet giant’s business practice of tracking users even when signed out violated Californian privacy law and the federal Wiretap Act. Facebook appealed the latter portion to the Supreme Court, on the grounds that they were […]

UK anti-trust probes Facebook practices

Hello Class, I was compelled by a short article in today’s Vancouver Sun about how the UK’s competition regulator has begun investigating Facebook’s practices. While looking further into this issue, I encountered a report posted in SIlicon Angle by MARIA DEUTSCHER. In summary, Facebook is being investigated over its alleged anti-trust practices. One concern by […]

Presentation: Privacy and Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

LAW424 – Privacy_and_DTC_Genetic_Testing Hi everyone, please find my presentation attached. I have also provided an approximate transcript below for easy reference, but please see the notes on the slides for any citations. I hope you will find it interesting! “Hello everyone, today I will be telling you about privacy law in relation to genetic information. […]

Short Survey – Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

Hi everyone! Next week I will be posting my presentation on privacy in the context of direct-to-consumer genetic testing. In anticipation of that I’m hoping you will take a minute to answer this three-question multiple choice survey — Thank you!

Drawbacks of Automated Web Content Moderation

DoorDash Spent $5.5 Million To Advertise Their $1 Million Charity Donation byu/bubblydeadpan innottheonion This is a little bit of a throwback to the week of the Super Bowl but I thought that this event was a little too juicy to pass up writing on for a post. For their Super Bowl ad, DoorDash spent $5.5 […]

Presentation: Internet Censorship of Sexually Explicit Content (link to slides)

Hi all! Here is the link to our presentation: I have also inserted a pdf version for ease of use: Comm law – censorship presentation   Hellen & Saska

Presentation: Cyberbullying, Regulation and Accountability

Hello everyone! I’ve attached my powerpoint presentation on Cyberbullying, Regulation and Accountability. Due to problems with file size, I’ve split my presentation into 3 Parts. My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused. Vanessa’s Presentation on Cyberbullying Part 1 Vanessa’s Presentation on Cyberbullying Part 2 Vanessa’s Presentation on Cyberbullying Part 3 I chose to research and […]