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Influencers could soon have to admit if their body’s been retouched

Hey everyone, I came across this interesting news out of the UK House of Commons that I thought is relevant to this course. In January of this year, MP Luke Evans proposed the Digitally Altered Body Image Bill, which calls on social media influencers and brands to disclose any digital alterations in photos that they […]

Ghanaian arrested and subsequently charged for “treason felony” over Facebook post

Here is a link to latest news on a Ghanaian facing treason charges over Facebook post he made.

Article: “Sony built an AI that can beat you at video games, with honor”

Here’s the article: The most interesting part of this article to me is the following: “experts say Sophy’s achievements stand out in its capacity to behave aggressively, yet still fairly, and to observe the gamers’ code of conduct beyond just the letter of the law—in other words, to embody the subtle nuances of human […]