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Recommended Reading: The Canadian Telecommunications Industry

Hi everyone, Ryan Buchanan and myself (Mike Gargaro) will be presenting next week on the Canadian telecommunications industry and the proposed Rogers-Shaw merger. For some background info on these topics, feel free to check out Michael Geist’s podcast that discusses telecommunications competition in Canada as well as the status of the Rogers-Shaw merger. We’ve also […]

Cyberwarfare in Russia/Ukraine

I wrote the following based off two articles Professor Festinger had mentioned in March 8th Communications Class regarding the cyberwarfare by Russia against Ukraine. What is Cyberwarfare? Cyberwarfare is the use of computer technology to disrupt the activities of a state or organisation. It involves the deliberate attacking of information systems for strategic or military […]

STIR/SHAKEN Tech: Combating Robocalls/Caller ID spoofing in Canada

Hi everyone, I have received 8 spam calls over the last 2 weeks so I thought I’d look up what the CRTC has been doing regarding these pesky calls. Apparently, late last year the CRTC required Canadian telecommunications providers to implement new STIR(Secure Telephony Information Revisited)/SHAKEN (signature-based handling of asserted information using tokens) technology (must’ve […]

Section 230 Communications Decency Act Development

An interesting development for platform immunity in the US: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is the US law that protects websites from lawsuits based on content posted by third parties. It is what shields platforms like Facebook from being treated as publishers. When researching Section 230 for my paper, I have noticed there […]

The Impact of Bill C-10/C-11 on Streaming Services

Hi everyone! Myself (Emma Jerrott) and my group (Madison Dutkiewicz, Laura Danton and Amory Hall), have prepared a presentation on the impact that Bill C-11 Ould have on streamed television content. You should be able to access it here on Google Drive (you may have to download it): If you have any trouble with […]

Presentation Slides and Recommended Material: Responsible Corporate Communication

Hi Everyone, Please find attached my draft slides for my presentation: Corporate Communication I would recommend classmates interested in the subject to watch the following: Exxon Lobbyist Caught on Camera: Coca-Cola Coming Together Advertisement: Original release: New version available on Coca-Cola official YouTube Channel: Use of science and data in policy making: From 1:00:00 […]

Readings for Emma, Madison, Laura, & Amory

Hi everyone! Myself, Madison Dutkiewicz, Amory Hall, and Laura Danton will be posting our presentation next week, entitled: The Impacts of Bill C-10/11 on Streaming Services. In preparation we have two articles for you all to read. Firstly, we have an Article by Rachel Gilmore of Global News, examining Bills C-10 and C-11 and how […]

Addressing Deepfakes Across Canadian Law

Hi everyone, In light of the increasing popularity of what are called “deepfakes” online, as well as the various controversies and ethical concerns surrounding them, Amalie, Mo, Grace and I (Jason) will be presenting tomorrow on the deepfake technology and some of the main legal issues around the subject. In particular, we will focus on […]