The Link Between Social Media and Plastic Surgery

Hi guys,

I stumbled upon a really interesting research study that got me thinking about the links between what we see on social media and the important choices we make in the real world.
These researchers out of Saudi Arabia looked at the link between social media use, viewing cosmetic surgery content, and actually getting cosmetic surgery oneself.

They found (unsurprisingly) viewing cosmetic surgery–related material on social media, spending longer hours on social media platforms, and having negative self-views when viewing social media are associated with an increased likelihood of considering undergoing cosmetic procedures in the future.

What I found particularly concerning about this is the fact that this is a study from 2019. In the years since then platforms like TikTok have risen- where plastic surgery content is incredibly common. I am very curious as to whether future research will find further correlation in these areas!

The study:

– Emma Jerrott

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