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YouTube warns federal bill could hit digital creators’ earnings from abroad

I found a recent article about how Bill C-11 may negatively impact Youtube creators income. This is because “the proposed legislation that would force YouTube and other streaming platforms to actively promote Canadian content risks downgrading the popularity of that same content abroad.” In the article, Geist says proposed law, known as Bill C-11, would […]

Ending online anonymity won’t make social media less toxic

Hello All, I found another interesting read regarding anonymity on online platforms and whether regulations should be put in place to stop anonymous internet users. This article discusses the pros and cons of allowing anonymous users and why ultimately, regulating anonymous users would not be beneficial. You can find the article here: – Madison […]

Zoom agrees to $85M settlement in litigation over privacy and ‘Zoombombings’

Hi guys! I found an interesting article about recent litigation Zoom was in for customer security and privacy! It was back in late 2021, but I thought it was really interesting! You can find the article linked here:

NFTs Are Here to Ruin D&D

Here is the article: How the service will work is as follows: “To sum up: Players will buy a pre-generated D&D character, play with it in pre-generated adventures, level it up on the blockchain, and then sell it. It sounds like easy money, right? You’ll get paid to play your favorite game.” The article […]