NFTs Are Here to Ruin D&D

Here is the article:

How the service will work is as follows:

“To sum up: Players will buy a pre-generated D&D character, play with it in pre-generated adventures, level it up on the blockchain, and then sell it. It sounds like easy money, right? You’ll get paid to play your favorite game.”

The article also neatly summarizes the problem with something like this.

“The problem that Doucet sees with many of these blockchain-based games is that they are “play to earn” models rather than a “play and earn” model. With play to earn, you are playing with the primary objective of getting an item of value (in this case NFTs), instead of for the pleasure of playing itself, and receiving items as a bonus for your time.” In short, the NFT does not add anything to the actual gameplay itself other than the promise of additional, ephemeral value being added onto their NFT-characters. Other than the looming problem of copyright (the owners of D&D publications are famously litigious), the NFT operation have also discovered significant liability for fraud, where players can construct fake campaigns to tack on additional value. Of course, there is always the spectre of the environmental impact and the dreadful inclination to monetize everything under the sun. I’ve played D&D and other TTRPGs for almost half a decade now, and one of the greatest attractions of the games have always been to have them as a conduit for getting together with other people. By monetizing the endeavour, it erases the very purpose of the game itself.

– Uma Wu

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