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Readings for Emma, Madison, Laura, & Amory

Hi everyone! Myself, Madison Dutkiewicz, Amory Hall, and Laura Danton will be posting our presentation next week, entitled: The Impacts of Bill C-10/11 on Streaming Services. In preparation we have two articles for you all to read. Firstly, we have an Article by Rachel Gilmore of Global News, examining Bills C-10 and C-11 and how […]

Addressing Deepfakes Across Canadian Law

Hi everyone, In light of the increasing popularity of what are called “deepfakes” online, as well as the various controversies and ethical concerns surrounding them, Amalie, Mo, Grace and I (Jason) will be presenting tomorrow on the deepfake technology and some of the main legal issues around the subject. In particular, we will focus on […]

Reading for Tues March 15 (Group Presentation)

Presenters: Alex Farrant, Dylan Bell, Michael Hopton, Seb Lloyd & Melanie Heathman Please read this article: It is a quick and interesting read about user-generated content and Bill C-11.

Presentation: Internet Regulation – the Online Safety Bill

Hi everyone, Adam, Will, and I (Amit) made a video presentation on the topic of internet regulation and the upcoming Online Safety Bill in the UK. In this video we talk about what this bill is about, the landscape that has prompted this bill, how the bill is designed/to be enforced, and comparable laws in […]

Social Media: A boon or a Bane for democracy

Hi guys, Skye, Kirsty and I (Molly) are looking forward to presenting in class tomorrow. Democratization is defined as a transformation of political institutions that leads to the establishment and expansion of democratic institutions in a political system, and there is certainly no doubt that social media, albeit a recent phenomenon has a profound effect […]

PIPEDA Reform in the Age of AI

Hi! Here’s my presentation on PIPEDA Reform in the Age of AI for next week. For some background, here’s a brief summary of PIPEDA: PIPEDA in brief If you are interested in the subject of data privacy and AI, feel free to check out the proposed reforms here: A Regulatory Framework for AI: […]

Governance Tokens in Web3 and the Commodification of Control

Hi all,  I came across this article from WIRED which discusses the use of governance tokens in web3 as a means of democratizing moderation and providing users more control over platforms. However, the article also highlights that since governance tokens are typically dispersed based on how much money users have invested in a platform, the […]

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation Petitions Trudeau to Defund the CBC

A petition for a relevant issue in relation to Communications Law. See below. To Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: The CBC costs taxpayers more than $1 billion per year and the federal government is giving media organizations a $600-million bailout. Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to fund the CBC and other media organizations. We should be […]