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World’s first two Bitcoin ETFs launch in Canada

Hi everyone! This past week, the world’s first and second Bitcoin exchange traded funds – the Purpose Bitcoin and Evolve Bitcoin ETFs respectively – launched in Canada on the Toronto Stock Exchange. You can read Global BC’s article about the Purpose Bitcoin ETF here: …and Yahoo Finance’s article on the Evolve ETF here: […]

AI used to make psychedelic mushrooms and edibles

I found a post I wanted to share – there is a company using AI technology to create psychedelics mushrooms and edibles – thought it was quite an interesting concept!

Netflix’s expansion into the Canadian Market

This past week, Netflix announced that it would be opening its first office in Canada – one of its 21 offices around the world. This move is made with a hope to work more closely with Canadian content creators and bring more Canadian content to Netflix. As Ted Sarandos’ post articulates, Netflix has a desire […]

Communicated Consent – Canadian Cookies under the Digital Charter Implementation Act

As a response to EU GDPR regulations, website cookie settings have become more robust in terms of how we, as individuals, communicate our consent for our data being gathered. With Canada implementing its own consumer privacy legislation in the coming years, I thought I’d highlight the area that at a first glance might be where […]

A Choice of Algorithms on Social Media Platforms

The spread of misinformation through social media has been a prevailing topic, particularly today as its effects are more blatantly realized. Like many others, I was appalled by the seizure of Capitol Hill, but not surprised that the violence transpired. The association of conspiracies over COVID is another example of the rendering of “fake news” […]

Great Article Hits Close to Home

A recent article by arstechnica, states 70% of top “civic” Facebook groups are toxic or violent according to a report. The report discusses the issues of hate speech, violent rhetoric, misinformation and toxic behaviour in relation to the US Capitol. However, this is a global issue. I live in the Fraser Valley, and we are […]

Amazon’s New CEO

This past week, Jeff Bezos announced that he will be stepping down from his position as CEO of Amazon and that Andy Jassy will be replacing him. According to the articles, this shift in power has been in the works for quite some time and isn’t a surprise to insiders of the company. Forbes states […]

Commissioners found Clearview AI (US) violated Canadians’ privacy.

Following from the previous posts on digital privacy, a recent report from four Canadian privacy commissioners expressed frustration at Clearview AI’s infringement of Canadian privacy law, and doubt that our current regime is capable of enforcing compliance. The facial recognition company stopped assisting Canadian law enforcement agencies the last time these concerns were raised, but […]

Legislation coming (to Canada) this year to force Google, Facebook to pay for news content

Legislation coming this year to force Google, Facebook to pay for news content Saw this article about a statement today from Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault and thought it was worth sharing, especially in light of the previous posting regarding the same issue in Australia.

Groundhogs Day Moving to Robots

Hi all, Thought this was an interesting story given it was groundhogs day a few days ago! PETA is wanting to replace using groundhogs with artificial intelligence. PETA wants to replace Groundhog Day groundhogs with AI robots