Slides & Materials

Class 12 Slides

Here they are… Jon

Class 11 Slides

Here they are. Note that my talk was too big to post in one deck, so have split it into three self explanatory parts… Jon

Class 10 Slides

Here they are… Jon

Class 9 Slides

Here they are… Jon

Class 8 Slides

Here they are. A post facto remix of slides for my improvised talk today. Laura & Claudio’s as delivered. Back to Part 3 of broadcasting policy next week. Am also extending “Question of the Week” to two so that we can get a bit deeper into Canadian Content before you answer. Jon

Class 7 Slides

Here they are, all in one place… Jon

Class 6 Slides

Here they are in their sum total… Jon

Class 5 Slides

Slides from today can be found here, with a few additions.As promised I’ve added some slides on the Sega TV saga – the game download service from 1995 that the CRTC considered licensing. As well, in the context of the Hush-A-Phone device that arguably laid the groundwork for breaking up the Bell monopoly in the […]

Class 4 Slides

Here are this week’s slides…   Jon

Class 3 Slides

Here they are… Jon