Slides & Materials

Class 3 Slides

Here they are… Jon

Class 1 & 2 Slides

See them below… Jon

Old Media v. Social Media: Some Observations

In Toronto on April 26, 2017 I participated in The Law Society of Upper Canada’s 2017 Entertainment & Media Law Symposium. The panel I was part of was entitled “#BraveNewWorld: How to Practice Social Media Law.” Being far and away the oldest of the panellists, I proved my age by through my topic “Old Media […]

Trusting Ourselves: Freedom of Thought in Virtual Realities

Again this past April I was honoured to participate in my wonderful colleague, Professor Gaetano Dimita’s outstanding annual international “More Than Just a Game” conference, in London, U.K. The conference was fittingly put on at historic Stationers’ Hall by the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London, aided and abetted by a group […]

Class 12 Slides

Todays slides…. And in the sometimes “life imitates school” category, we have the podcast in the article below which arrived in my inbox just around halfway through class. Jon

Class 11 Slides

For the first time ever my slides maxed over the upload limit even when “Reduce File Size…” was applied maximally. So they had to be split into two parts. First “Logistics & News of the Week” and then the main piece. Here they are… Jon

Class 10 Slides

Here are the slides from todays class. They do include the results of last weeks group exercise. Jon

Class 9 Slides

Thanks to everyone in-class today for participating in the collaborative exercise of setting some new communications law principles for Canada. Wish it were quite so simple… Slides which formed the basis of the festivities can be found below… jon

Class 7 & 8 Slides

Here they are, slightly improved and clarified here and there… jon