February 15 Discussion Materials (Internet Advertising)


Hi all,

Zoe and I will be presenting February 15th on internet advertising and a number of unique issues which it raises. To give an idea of what we will cover, please see our our full discussion outline below.

Reading Materials

Please have a look at the following reading materials in advance of our discussion:

How Internet Advertising Works

  • Advertisers (often, but not exclusively) use…
  • Ad networks (such as Google DoubleClick, Taboola, etc.) to place links to their websites or content on the pages of…
  • Publishers (e.g., newspapers, blogs, other various web sites) to draw in…
  • Audience(s) (you!).

Current Issues

Privacy & Tracking

  • The modern online advertising industry is built on the collection of user information. What (legal) privacy limits should be imposed on this?
  • Also, consider implications with regards to “big data” and government surveillance—even if current practices do not offend privacy rights, the retention of user information could present a problem in the future.

Deceptive & Fraudulent Advertising

  • Are current regulations and regulatory frameworks effective?
  • Do traditional consumer protection models even work in this context?

Adblocking & the Sustainability of Advertising as an Income Model