Group Presentations

Deep Fake Technology: digital deception

Hello everyone, Paige, Jared and I are presenting on the emergence of Deep Fake Technology. Our presentation will be added up shortly. Audio will already embedded in each slide, just click the grey speaker icon on each slide to start it. Before we upload the presentation, please take a few minutes to listen to the […]

Upcoming Presentation – Super Bowl Commercials and Canadian Content

Hi everyone! Jessica and I are doing a project on Canadian Content laws and their effect on the Super Bowl ads that are broadcasted in Canada. To familiarize yourself with the topic, feel free to check out this article: Also, check out this case that we will discuss in our presentation: And if […]

A Presentation on Disinformation

Hello Class! In preparation for my audio PowerPoint presentation, I would love to able to get some class feedback on how each of us chooses to engage with the information we consume. Below you will find a link to a brief 2-question survey. The survey is intended to measure, not just how we stay up […]

Group Presentation: Access to High-Speed Internet

Hello everyone, Here is our presentation on Access to High-Speed Internet in Canada. Audio is embedded in each slide, just click the grey speaker icon on each slide to start it. Please let us know if you have any issues accessing the slide or listening to the audio. We’ll have a few resources that we’ll […]

Group Presentation: Influencer Marketing

            Hi Everyone, Please press on the image above or the link below to access our group presentation on Influencer Marketing: We have embedded an audio file into each slide, allowing each presenter to talk about their slide. The audio file can be played by clicking on the audio […]

Group Presentation Background: Influencer Marketing

Hi, everyone! On Thursday, Claire, Coco, Shona and I will upload our presentation on influencer marketing. As a prelude, we thought it would be helpful and apt for the practice of social distancing if you either watched the Netflix documentary on the Fyre Festival, the trailer, or read this article. Our presentation is broken into […]

Interesting Follow up – Clearview AI and Facial Recognition Technology

Hi Everyone, Further to our presentation on facial recognition technology yesterday and specifically, our focussed discussion on law enforcement’s use of Clearview AI, I just wanted to share the following article. Despite their insistence that Clearview AI is intended for the sole use of supporting law enforcement personnel and a few select private security companies, […]

Group Presentation: Net Neutrality

Hello Class! Eunize, Steven, Tessa and myself will be presenting this week on “Net Neutrality.” Please find below brief summaries of the various parts of our presentation, as well as some links to background readings and videos. 1) What is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality is the idea that internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all […]

Group Presentation: Cyberbullying, Social Media & the Law

Hi Everyone! Gaby, Kate, Leah and I will be presenting on cyberbullying on Tuesday. Our presentation is broken down into the following sections: 1) Cyberbullying in Canada This part of the presentation discusses how cyberbullying is a growing social problem. Canada has experienced two high profile cyberbullying cases – Rhetaeh Parsons and Amanda Todd. In […]

Group Presentation: February 11th, 2020

Our group will be presenting on Wearable tech and data privacy. This will takes us through a few topics including ongoing trends and developments in the field as well as governing privacy legislation in a few prominent jurisdictions. In order to get a little bit of background on the general topic, feel free to take […]