Question of the Week (Class 6) & Class 6 Poll: How did you watch the Super Bowl (or not)?

The background for this week’s “all in one” question of the week has previously been set out in the posts above.

Additions of note are that the CRTC issued a guide to watch the Super bowl this past Thursday February 1, 2018; a TorStar from the following day reporting on the current state of affairs; and an article in Macleans warning Canadians to get your U.S. Super Bowl commercials on canadian TV this year as they may not be available this time next year. You’ll find them below…

After all that the question itself is relatively straightforward….

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

We can parse the results in class. By that time ratings and more data should be available.

As an added bonus, check out the Wired article below that combines the Super Bowl with aspects of the futurist exercise we did in class.


2 responses to “Question of the Week (Class 6) & Class 6 Poll: How did you watch the Super Bowl (or not)?”

  1. rasmeet mohar

    Martin Luther King Jr’s face is not swapped***

  2. rasmeet mohar

    The following link addresses the Martin Luther King advertisement from the Superbowl that we spoke of in class – and it contains two video clips – one being the original ad and the second is what Martin Luther King Jr would have actually said about the car ad for in reality the speech Mr. King made actually criticized capitalism and cars rather then supporting it as depicted in the advertisement. To me this displays again an example of a “deep fake” – although Martin Luther King Jr’s face is being swapped , his words are.

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